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They say every man must at some point in his life, own a V8 engine car. We could not agree more with this statement, we understand the thrill of driving a classic car on any given day or occasion. Many people understand the joy of owning or driving a classic car. Who does not want to own a Jaguar XJ 4.2 or BMW e30 325i/is? The challenge is that it is expensive to own a classic or vintage car hence only a few take on the task.

Well, you do not need to own a resort or a private jet to enjoy one and that’s where we and other classic car owners come in to give you the enjoyment of timeless cars at the price of a bottle of good whiskey. Joysma Classic Rides leases classic cars to customers interested in this unique experience. We pride ourselves on upkeep and hope to spread the joy that our cars bring.

Kindly check our cars and contact us to discuss your requirements. We belong to a variety of car clubs such as the Jaguar Club: Norther Regions and BMW Car Club. Our business is not about competition and we are happy to refer you to places where you can source your required car should our fleet not meet your requirements.